Tiny House Dreaming: Planning Stage

It’s on days like today where I find myself going down the rabbit hole of “research” on tiny homes and trailer renovations, making notes of everything I’d like to do in my future build.

So, I figured that I ought to put my current plans in writing so that I can see how the evolution of the build works out.

Currently, I plan on purchasing a cheap, kind of junky camper trailer/RV which will allow for fairly low start-up costs and maximum customization. Using salvaged wood, furniture, tiles, and minimal store-bought materials, I’ll create a simple and practical interior. Not only will that keep costs down, it’ll also make the build way way wayyyyy more sustainable.

I’ve been collecting the broken bottle glass that is all over the trails between a few of the dorm buildings here on campus. Not only will this spare the foot of some poor frosh from being speared with glass, but it gives me access to seemingly unlimited amounts of mosaic materials. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use the glass in the build (Custom stained glass windows/mosaic shower? We’ll see…).

I don’t even have the camper yet, but I’m itching to begin. Ah, such a shame that I lack patience!


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