Coffee Conversation: Embracing the Wondrous Strange

So, as it happens, I’m now 19. I spent my birthday (yesterday) with friends and in conversation with family back home in the Keystone State. In the early afternoon, a number of my friends and I devoted our attentions to art projects– knitting, sewing a patch in a duffel bag, painting, and drawing. One of the resulting pieces was a delightfully odd cat, with eight eyes across its forehead. Around this lovely feline, I wrote the phrase “The Wondrous Strange.”

Now, I wasn’t intentionally referencing the book of the same name– if anything, I was referencing the sign that can be found on Betsy Wyeth’s Allen Island. Regardless of where it came from, the phrase got me thinking…

So often, we are expected to trace out a beautiful, normal, average life. We’re expected to complete our education, work the 9-5, buy the big house, have 2.4 children with a spouse you have a 50% marriage success rate with on .5 acres of land with a white picket fence.

However, this has never really been my dream. I crave adventure: traveling with a small home, doing some good for the world, even if its only accomplished by living lightly on the land God has given us to care for, and planting trees. Some may say that a life like this is strange. But if it is a strangeness, I say its a wondrous kind of strange.

I’m excited, ready to embrace the life of the wondrous strange. As it stands, at some point before the end of 2017, I aim to purchase a small, old rv. The renovations will begin, and I’ll be living (at least part-time when I’m home from school) in a portable home of my own design.

I thank God for granting me the tools necessary to trace out this life. A life of simplicity, a life in the Wondrous Strange.

Now, dear reader, I’d love to hear about your dreams. What do you aspire to? How are you embracing your strangeness? I’m excited for us all.

And as always, may you have abundant joy in simplicity! God bless!


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